Daily Report 100117
Nature Rubber
Shanghai rubber price went upward with increasing trading volume. Till the actuals trade time, domestic spots price is 2050-2080(+60); domestic cargo price is 2080-2100(+80); US RSS spots price is 2360-2380(+60); US RSS cargo price is 2370-2390(+60); Singapore cargo price is 2130-2150(+70); Thai cargo price 2150-2170(+80); mixed rubber price is 17800-18000(+900). Northeast Thailand is now beginning to gradually enter the leaf period, and is expected to stop tapping rubber at the end of February. Thailand's overall output will decline in the first half of 2017 is a fact. On the whole: the flooding in Thailand triggered a new hype theme; recommend short-term trade.
Monday copper market slightly fluctuated at high positon, and price resisted at 20-days average line. LME inventory yesterday decreased 225 tons to 295000 tons. LME actuals discount enlarged $0.25 to discount $21. LME actuals discount enlarged $0.25 to $21. LME actuals market is still weak. Industry, according to Bloomberg news, due to China 's non - ferrous mining industry refused to raise wages, Zambia' s Lu'anxia copper mine workers are on strike. Workers want to be able to talk to management and management is currently in a meeting. Technically, copper price is at average lines intense area. Recommend to find short-line operation opportunity.
Monday Nickel market is strong. Nickel price broke 10-days average line, closed with slightly increase. LME inventory yesterday increased 1092 tons to 372000 tons. LME actuals discount yesterday narrowed $1.5 to discount $52.25. Industries, till the last week of 2016, the Indonesian state-owned mining company Antam annual output has reached 20080 nickel tons, exceeding the original 18500 nickel production plan, and expected to achieve 17% annual production increase, mainly benefit from the mid-2016 nickel-iron plant to complete the equipment maintenance. From a technical point of view, nickel prices are now breaking the 10-day moving average, can choose to find short-term opportunities.                                                                     
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