Daily Report 060117
Domestically, bolstered by strong actuals, DCE soybean No.1 contract 1705 warehouse cost is RMB 4250/ton, which bolstered the market. Soybean oil night section slightly rallied, since US market is lack of rally persistence, and domestically near spring festival, so domestic section is weak. Actuals side, Northeast district soybean actuals market quotation is stable and slightly adjusted. Soybean meal actuals quotation is stable and weak. Partial districts quotation decreased RMB 20-40/ton. Coastal oil plant quotation is normally RMB 3300-3360/ton.
Thursday copper market rushed high then rolled back. Copper price meets upward resistance at average line intensive area. LME inventory yesterday decreased 4100 tons to 302000 tons. LME actuals discount enlarged $4.5 to discount $19.5. LME actuals market is still weak. Technically, copper price effective rally should break $5600 resistance. Wait for copper market to be clear.
Nature Rubber
Shanghai rubber continued fluctuation. Till the actuals trade time, domestic spots price is 2000-2010(-10); domestic cargo price is 2020-2030(-20); US RSS spots price is 2320-2330(+20); US RSS cargo price is 2330-2350(+10); Singapore cargo price is 2060-2080(-20); Thai cargo price 2080-2100(-10); mixed rubber price is 17000-17200(-200). Overall, recently market fluctuates and waits for new hot point, recommend for short-term trade.                                                                               
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