Daily Report 091116
Domestically, cash side, soybean market price remains stable. Filtered grain purchasing price is RMB 3500-3600/ton. North China snow may stimulate farmers to sell grains. Market is still under the stress of supply, purchasing and sales schedule slowed. Soybean meal cash price is stable. Inland partial place slightly increased. Coastal oil plant quotation is RMB 3190-3280/ton. As for operation, long for Soybean Futures species, and focus on next week USDA report.
Nature Rubber
Yesterday Shanghai rubber limited up after breakthrough with increasing volume, cash side: domestic spots price is 1630-1660(+50); domestic cargo price is 1620-1660(+70); US RSS spots price is 1760-1780(+60); US RSS cargo price is 1770-1790(+60); Singapore cargo price is 1650-1680(+70); Thai cargo price 1680-1700(+90); mixed rubber price is13000-13200(+400). Overall, recent market capital tendency is obvious, speculation capital focus on black species. Shanghai rubber focus on short-term trade.
Monday copper market was strong. LME inventory yesterday decreased 6775 tons to 292000 tons. LME physical discount narrowed $1.5 to discount $16.75. LME funds positioning data shows that till last Friday, funds net positioning increased 13411 lots to 54000 lots. Long position increased 11963 lots to 133000 lots. Short position reduced 1448 lots to 79000 lots. Market atmosphere turns to long.
LME inventory yesterday decreased 192 tons to 363000 tons. LME cash discount enlarged $0.5 to discount $42.5. LME positioning data shows that till last Friday, LME funds net positioning reduced 2922 lots to 61000 lots. Long positon increased 2480 lots to 100000 lots. Short position increased 5402 lots to 40000 lots.
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