Daily Report 220916

Nature Rubber
Yesterday Shanghai rubber fluctuated at high position. US actuals market didn’t change much. Till actuals trading time: domestic spots price is 1590-1620(0); domestic cargo price is 1450-1460(0); US RSS spots price is 1640-1660(0); US RSS cargo price is 1640-1660(0); Singapore cargo price is 1450-1470(-10); Thai cargo price 1480-1490(+10) mixed rubber price is 11400-11500(0). Overall, nature rubber actuals is seasonal alleviated. But micro side uncertainty is large. Recommend short-term speculate.
Yesterday PP futures market continued fluctuation at high position; opened at 7170 and closed at 7169, and trading volume decreased 75522 lots to 319000 lots. Holding volume decreased 56180 lots to 674000 lots. Actuals side, yesterday domestic PP market continued slightly rolling back tendency. Intraday main quoted prices for wires of north China, east China and south China markets are RMB 7750-7850/ton, RMB 7750-7900/ton and RMB 7780-7900/ton, respectively. As for operation, current moving average system twisted; MACD green column shortened, and recommend price fluctuation and downward trend.
Wednesday copper market was weak. Copper price rolled back at recent high position. LME inventory decreased 150 tons to 348000 tons. LME physical discount narrowed $0.5 to discount $23.25. Supply side, from data released by WBMS, this January to July global copper market supply shortage was 151000 tons. It narrowed compared with 197000 tons of 6 former months. Technically, copper price is under the rally tendency at the short term. Wait for the signal of the end of rally.
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