Daily Report 060716 2016-07-06
Tuesday copper price continued rolled back; stronger US dollar brings stress to the whole market. From copper market, LME spot goods discount enlarged $6 to discount $19.25; inventory largely increased 10525 tons to 199000 tons. Considering former rumor claimed that 150000 to 200000 copper will enter LME, which should be pay attention. Recently copper price enters adjustment, and we wait for the end sign of adjustment. Technically, copper price bolster position is $4800 and $4700. Observe and wait for new entering opportunit

Domestically, DCE soybean dropped following overseas section. Soybean oil largely increased then largely dropped. Spot goods side, domestic soybean price is stable. Food soybean purchasing price increased to RMB 4100-4140/ton. Northeast soybean increase continued, but Anhui and Henan soybean dropped. Market trading and investment is tense. Soybean meal side, spot price dropped with a range of RMB 30-100/ton. Trading main body price dropped. Without the guide of overseas section, DCE soybean meal dropped limit then rallied. Influenced by capital outflow, and serious flood of south China, breeding industry was shocked, which stress on spot goods market. As for operation, avoid largely fluctuation recently, and middle-term can go long at low point.

Nature Rubber
Yesterday Shanghai rubber rushed high then dropped; till spot goods trading period: domestic spots price is 1300-1320(-20); domestic cargo price is1310-1330(-20); US RSS spots price is 1530-1550(-20); US RSS cargo price is1550-1580(-30); Singapore cargo price is1330-1340(-10); Thai cargo price1360-1380(-20); mixed rubber price is10500-10600(-300). News side: till the end of June 2016, Qingdao bonded area rubber inventory decreased 11% to 194400 tons compared to last term; decrease range increased, in which nature rubber is the largest. The inventory of butylbenzene and Polybutadiene increased, but the decline of mixed rubber lower the total inventory. In addition, ribbed smoked sheets inventory also decreased. Compound rubber hasn’t change. Overall, short-term market is thick with emotional atmosphere. Focus on short-swing trading, and control risk.
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