Daily Report 240415 2015-04-24
Stock Index

The CSI 500 rose slightly while the CSI 300 and SSI 50 dropped yesterday. Specifically, sectors such as iron and steel, nonferrous metals, mining, communications generally increased, however, sectors like banking, securities and insurance decreased during the same time. Currently, the expectation of stock market price is still in a low level. Meanwhile, concerns are raised as the economic data remain dropping which result in a low growth rate of the traditional industries. Since December, 2014, the economic data has been worse and worse; however, affected by the bolster of government and the decentralization of power, market concerns are reducing. Recently, policies are released frequently to make the economy growing stable. On the whole, the government supports the bull market, which will benefit the financing of enterprises. The bull market is believed to continue, investors is recommend to purchase when the price is low.


In domestic market, soybean in Dalian Commodity Exchange closed higher in the night session. The No.1 soybean remains a upward trend. The soybean purchasing average price in the Northeast China is RMB 3980 / ton. This price has increased as many as RMB 100 / ton. In short term, soybean farmers are reluctant to sell, which drags up the market price. It is believed that the price in Northeast China still have plenty space to increase. In terms of mid-term trend, the soybean price still need time to digest pressure from soybean spot. Long positions in far months could be held. As for the soybean meal, the soybean meal future is consolidating while the spot is fluctuating narrowly. The price in part of areas dropped RMB 10 / ton to RMB 30 / ton. The soybean meal market is considered not have enough support from fundamental news. Meanwhile the demand is rather weak. Therefore, the soybean meal will remain fluctuating narrowly afterwards. Short positions of soybean meal in mid-term are recommended to be held.
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