Futures in China
Lead Contract Specifications 2014-06-17


Contract Size
5 tons/lot
Price Quotation
(RMB) Yuan/ton
Minimum Price Fluctuation
5 Yuan/ton
Daily Price Limit
Within 4% above or below the settlement price of the previous trading day
Contract Series
Monthly contract of the recent 12 months from January to December
Trading hours
9:00 a.m.11:30 a.m.1:30 p.m.3:00 p.m., and other trading hours as prescribed by SHFE
Last Trading Day
The 15th day of the delivery month (If it is a public holiday, the Last Trading Day shall be the 1st business day after the holiday.)
Delivery Period
5 consecutive business days after the last trading day
Grade and Quality Specifications
Standard products: Lead ingot as prescribed in the National Standard of GB/T 469-2005 Pb99.994, with lead content of no less than 99.994%.
Delivery Venue
SHFE Certified Delivery Warehouse
Minimum Trade Margin
5% of contract value
Minimum Warranted Delivery Size
25 tons
Settlement Type
Physical Delivery
Contract Symbol