Daily Report 210417 2017-04-21
Macro Economy
On the domestic side, although yesterday there is news that a state-owned bank is starting to redeem part of the outsourcing funds, follow-up there are other news with the verification, but the China Central Bank Research Bureau chief economist Ma Jun in Washington, a forum said, further supervision of the business, will be a gradual process, the regulatory authorities will fully consider the impact of relevant policies on the market. After the press the domestic bond market on Thursday strengthened. But the outsourcing of funds management after all will be impacted. The future bond is expected to remain weak market with volatility.
Zinc and Lead
Overnight LME Zinc and Lead tendency differentiated. LME Zinc slightly rallied to $2630/ton. LME Lead slightly dropped to $2158/ton. Shanghai Zinc and Lead night section continued strong tendency. Macro, the US Treasury Secretary said recent White House will introduce tax reform policy, while Trump said medical reform vote and to avoid the government closed within the next week to complete, the dollar index rebound a slight after bottomed out. Inventory side, LME Zinc inventory decreased 1075 tons to 356450 tons. LME Lead inventory decreased 500 tons to 167675 tons. LME Zinc actuals discount is $14.5. As for operation, Shanghai Zinc quickly rushed above average line. Following the recovery of market emotion, Shanghai Zinc may continue rally. Shanghai Zinc is relatively weak. The weak consumption restricts Zinc Price.
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