Daily Report 210317 2017-03-21
Nature Rubber
Yesterday Shanghai rubber opened flat and rolled back. Till actuals trade time: domestic spots price is 2030-2050(-10); domestic cargo price is 2040-2070(-20); US RSS spots price is 2340-2370(-10); US RSS cargo price is 2370-2400(-20); Singapore cargo price is 2080-2100(-30); Thai cargo price 2160-2200(-20); mixed rubber price is 17000-17100(0). Technically, Shanghai rubber is at the stage of adjustment after drop, and may rally in the short-term. Recommend short-term operation.
Stock Index
Yesterday IF changed month and opened low; closed with strong tendency. SSE Composite Index rallied at close with 0.4%. The two sessions closed, emphasizing deepening supply side reform and continue to implement innovation-driven development strategy. January investment data show that the economy is still good, and the reform of state-owned enterprises to speed up the reduction of taxes and fees to increase efforts; PPP landing to speed up the traditional state-owned blue chip earnings will continue to improve. Real estate regulation and upgrading, but the real estate caused by hot, real estate itself will not drag the economy. Overall, the domestic fundamentals are still good, and the reform of state-owned enterprises speed up. The short-term index will adjust; medium-term is optimistic.
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