Daily Report 160317 2017-03-16
Domestically, DCE performance is better than overseas section. Domestic atmosphere is different from overseas section. Soybean No.1 contract is still weak, which is influenced by national inventory auction rumor and capital bearish sentiment. Soybean meal futures price is stable, and actuals price of several districts remain stable. Oil plant quotation maintains RMB 3030-3100/ton. As for operation, Soybean No.1 contract was not stable after the expectation of national inventory auction; recommend observation. Soybean meal is difficult to rally; if price keeps stable at 2850, recommend long position.
Nature Rubber
Yesterday Shanghai rubber temporarily ended loss and kept stable. Till actuals trade time: domestic spots price is 1980-2020(-10); domestic cargo price is 1990-2030(-10); US RSS spots price is 2310-2340(0); US RSS cargo price is 2330-2360(0); Singapore cargo price is 2050-2080(0); Thai cargo price 2120-2150(0); mixed rubber price is 16600-16800(0). Technically, Shanghai rubber is at the stage of adjustment after drop, and may rally in the short-term. Recommend short-term operation. 
                                                                                              Dong LV (Investment Certificate NO. TZ008452)